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{$info['title']} FundRequest (FND) 1 2017-08-01
Countdown to the start of the project

FundRequest (FND)

Starting soon 2016-11-30


How much capital are we trying to raise?

In total 2 million tokens are being sold, at a retail price of 0.25 Ether for one FND token. The first hour of the crowdsale, also known as ‘Power Hour’, a backer will receive a 20% discount, reducing the price of one FND token to 0.20 Ether.

We have a minimum goal, Milestone 1, that needs to be achieved to launch the project. After that, depending on the amount of tokens sold, additional features will be added to the roadmap.

Milestone 1 : 100k Ether : Project launch
  • Core platform Bankend
  • Core platform Api
  • Basic Platform Frontend
  • Develop transparent overlay (chrome plugin )
  • Target platform to GitHub
Milestone 2 : 200k Ether : Enable Marketing
  • Build and launch a 100k Ether marketing campaign
Milestone 3 : > 250k Ether : Additional target platform
Milestone 4 : > 300k Ether : Additional target platform
Milestone 5 : > 350k Ether : Additional target platform

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