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Over 2017-01-17

Ascendancy is a Modular Decentralized Application Framework created to simplify the process of engaging in cryptocurrency projects and allowing users to develop their own decentralized applications. Our mission for Ascendancy, is to bring more and more people into the world of cryptocurrencies and make it easier for everyday applications to become decentralized.


Ascendancy has been long in discussion. We have always believed in the power of cryptocurrency and have followed Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency scene for the past 4 years. Ascendancy is being developed from the ground up with powerful tools and user friendliness in mind. With a clean website and web dashboard, you will also be able to use our light applications for mobile devices, and there will be application for Windows, Linux and Mac. Ascendancy will run its own proof token to ensure the network is secure and continues to run well. This proof token will have value and be tradable, and this token is what will be sold in our IPO.

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