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Project introduction

ntroducing -Edgeless - the first Ethereum-based casino offering 0% house edge and absolute transparency.

Gambling transparency and house edge

The fast-growing ($46B in 2016) online gambling industry has a huge problem: TRANSPARENCY. In 2017 all online casinos have full power to cheat against their own players. They can do it easily, without being spotted. It is also difficult for a casino to prove when they are not cheating. This creates a massive problem for online gambling and casts a shadow on the industry’s reputation.

The problem is real. The Wizard of Odds blog about the online gambling industry has so far black-listed over 50 online casinos. These platforms have been caught cheating in many different ways, including rigging the outcome, failure to pay out, delayed funds withdrawals and many more. Bitcoin casinos are no better: case of famous bitcoin casino caught cheating.

With the Edgeless Project we aim to tackle this major industry problem and become one of the leading online casinos.

Key Edgeless Project elements:

  • Edgeless Casino will accept ETH bets
  • Absolute transparency guaranteed by Ethereum Smart Contract. Detailed explanation here
  • Early stage offered games: Black Jack, Lunar Poker, Dice, Sports Betting.
  • 0% house edge on luck+skill games such as Blackjack or Video/ Russian/ Lunar Poker. Detailed explanation here
  • 0% house edge games + absolute transparency is the perfect marketing strategy to attract masses of gamblers. Detailed explanation here
  • Each month 40% of casino profits will automatically go to “Edgeless Lounge” games prize pool. Detailed explanation here
  • EDG token can be used to win a “Edgeless Lounge” prize

Crowdsale of Edgeless

The crowdfunding campaign will start on 28th of February 2017, 3:00pm GMT and the goal is to raise 360 000 ETH by selling Edgeless tokens for gambling enthusiasts. More information about the ICO on

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