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Ethbits ICO

Ethbits is going to sell 4 Mill Ethbit tokens during an ICO in order to develop the current platform Ethbits Local into a full lit pool trading exchange, Ethbits iTrade. Ethbits iTrade will facilitate trades of the leading 15 Cryptocurrencies.

As well as having the opportunity to share profits from a leading exchange users will also be able to participate in a new concept in crypto which is copy trading. This means users can follow the top crypto traders automatically copying each trade they execute. One of the most exciting features is CTF which will track the top 5 traders on the platform which will be a safe haven for new investors and a care free one for experienced investors. The more followers a trader has the more profit they make by executing a successful trade.

Tokens ICO Funding Tiers

Tier 1
Price 0.01 ETH per ETB 1st Week
Tier 2
Price 0.011 ETH per ETB 2nd Week
Tier 3
Price 0.012 ETH per ETB 3nd Week
Tier 4
Price 0.013 ETH per ETB 4nd Week

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