NameLinkICOscaleEnd time
{$info['title']}cryptoforecast46,000,000 CFT2017-05-19
Countdown to the end of the project


Ongoing04-17 16:37

Ticker CFT (Omni Asset)
Total coin supply 50,000,000 (50 Millions)
Premined All
Distribution CryptoForecast Team 3% 1,500,000 CFT
Bounties 2% 1,000,000 CFT
Advisor 1.5% 750,000 CFT
Early Development Team 1.5% 750,000 CFT


ICO INVESTORS 92% 46,000,000 CFT

Bonus: The funds will be released equally after the end of the ICO. This means that the effective rate will not be determined until the end of the ICO.

  • There are bonus for the first participants, who contributes the 1° day will be able to have a multiplier of 1,5.
  • From the 2° day the multiplier is going to decrease to 1,2.
  • From that point, the multiplier is going to decrease by 0.0074 each day.
  • From the 30° to the 34° day there won't be multiplier.

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